Brewery Centrifuges

We offer a diverse range of other proven, ready-to-use modular solutions for craft brewing

Intelligent Whirlpool System for wort recovery
Complete system with Foodec decanter to recover high quality, high gravity wort residue from trub in the whirlpool - without mixing brews. No trub tank needed. Up to 4% saving on wort consumption (>99% yield recovery compared to present wort loss). Large saving on water in the whirlpool. No need for flushing to remove trub. No waste.
Water deaeration
ALDOX and ALDOX Mini (small capacities) for continuous production of deaerated and carbonated high quality water for beer. Single pass operation, with no need for recirculation, pressure vessels or vacuum pumps.
Tank top systems
SCANDI BREW tank top systems offer all you need except the tank itself: Robust, compact pre-engineered (Core) models or tailor made units that feature a wide variety of basic configurations for vacuum and over-pressure protection, instrumentation, control and cleaning of all types and sizes of brewery tanks.
Beer cooler module
Add-on cooler module to your high speed separator. Alfa Laval cooling modules are compact, versatile units for efficient cooling of product streams in the brewing process, from hot wort and yeast to green beer. Designed for CIP. Internal coolant recirculation prevents product freezing.
Carboset and HP carbonator for continuous and accurate carbonation of the final beer before filling. Quick and effcient dissolving of CO2. Adaptable to different process requirements.
The Iso-Mix rotary jet mixer cost-effectively offers improved product quality and consistency, and possible reduction of process time and therefore capacity increase. Also ideal for yeast handling applications, blending tasks, water deaeration and tank cleaning.

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