OCM-PD Series

OCM-PD Series

Clean oil is crucial for the safe, reliable and economical operation of virtually all kinds of equipment that uses oils for either lubrication or hydraulic systems. Clean oil reduces wear and corrosion on all equipment installed downstream, thus helping avoid breakdowns and cutting back on downtime throughout a plant or installation.

The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module (OCM) provides rapid, effective separation of the oil, water and sludge components in contaminated mineral lubricating and hydraulic oils


OCM (Oil Cleaning Module) series

The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module is a modularized system with all the component systems fully integrated, ensuring easy operation while engaged in oil cleaning duties. 5 Models available; OCM-206, OCM-305, OCM-304, OCM-101, OCM-103

OCM-206, 305, 304, 101, 103