Combined cleaning unit for lube oil treatment.

The Eliminator is an optimized lube oil treatment solution, combining two high performance Alfa Laval technologies:

  • Full-flow automatic filter for collecting abrasive particles.
  • High efficiency disc stack centrifuge removing particles from the backflush oil before returning to sump.

Both components can be built into the same housing (Eliminator patented by Alfa Laval) or installed separately but operating in combination. For example:

  • Mounted directly on the engine (for high speed engines), the housing being specifically designed for the engine block, and the unit promoted with the engine by the engine manufacturer.
  • Remote mounted apart from the engine by means of flexible or rigid connexions.
  • The filter and centrifuge installed as separate components for larger installations or where the flow-rates are higher, and connected by suitable pipework.

Advantages and benefits

  • Eliminates full-flow and bypass cartridge filters, and all the costs associated with the cartridge filters: purchasing, transport, handling, stocking, administration, oil losses, disposal of used cartridges.
  • Increased engine availibility – no engine stop for filter cartridge change.
  • No filter bypass – the engine has 100% protection. In case of failure of one engine component, the remaining engine parts are protected from any resulting contamination returning through the LO system, by the full flow filter.
  • Sealed lube oil circuit – the lube oil circuit remains sealed: no risk of contamination entering the system, or of oil leakage and spillage occurring.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
    • The centrifuge requires cleaning up to every 2500 hours by the replacement of a paper insert.
    • The filter requiring service during the normal engine service interval and overhaul. At this time only a set of O-rings is required.
  • Increased oil life-time – the high efficiency of the centrifuge compared to cartridges, keeps the lube oil cleaner, hence increasing its operational life. Our experience with some highspeed engine-builder customers has shown that it is possible to double the lifetime of the lube oil, through close oil sample analysis.
  • Environmentally-friendly solution due to no oil loss, no cartridge disposal, reduced risk of oil spillage and the possible extended operating life of the engine lube oil.