Those who work in the industry appreciate the significance of an oil separator. This is because they are used to remove solids from drilling fluids. And although those who already depend on them would never take the equipment for granted, neither should the average individual. This is because if you don't already know why, then you're probably living under a rock because they help with the oil that is needed for transportation, heating and in many other ways.

No, it's not challenging to appreciate why an oil separator is important. It's also not difficult to understand why Separation Equipment is a dealer that you can trust. Take a few minutes to visit their Web site at, and you will soon see why they have gained a well-deserved reputation as a full-service distributor of fluid separators, centrifuges, plate heat exchangers and watermakers for the marine, food and beverage, and industrial fluids industries. And Separation Equipment is eager to provide their customers with an oil separator that is not only more efficient, but can save money because they require little supervision. Moatti or CCU Systems are continuously back -flushed with clean oil, column-by-column, ensuring constant pressure in the lube oil system. The result is that there are no pressure drops during back-flushing and contaminants are effectively flushed away from the mesh which stays clean for thousands of operating hours. Manual cleaning is reduced to an absolute minimum.

There is another factor to consider when it comes to finding an oil separator. Although most in the industry know exactly what they are looking for, there's nothing wrong with turning to a supplier that is also knowledgeable. This is why Separation Equipment can be relied on, thanks to a staff which is not only educated about the many products which they offer but also eager to share their experience about the items which their customers are looking for.

And while identifying the right item extends to even an oil separator, this still isn't a problem with Separation Equipment. This is because that they will customize whatever is needed for customers if they don't have it in stock. Trust them and you will be amazed at how they individually design the arrangement of the tank, centrifuge, pump and control panel to make the most efficient use of your available space.

Separation Equipment can also be trusted for an oil separator and other equipment because of a reconditioning process second to none in the industry. Each piece of equipment reconditioned by them undergoes a 17-step procedure which includes an inspection and evaluation of used equipment, checking gears, spindles, clutches, etc. for wear within specifications, installation of appropriate parts, stripping cast parts and painting them with a 2-part epoxy paint while stainless parts receive a premium polishing, and testing equipment for performance.

Want to find out more about why Separation Equipment is an ideal provider for an oil separator? Contacting them is easy and they will be glad to speak with you. For more information, visit their Web site at or contact them by calling toll-free at 1-800-248-4805 or 813-685-2065 if you live in the Tampa area.