Separation Equipment Company has been selling the Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger since it's inception in 1981. Starting in 2005, SECO has been building the Alfa Laval models M3-FG, M6-FG, M6-MFG, M10-BFG & M10-MFG at their Tampa facility. This capability allows SECO to provide quick deliveries and local support for sizing & PHE spares.

Recently, SECO has sized and supplied three (3) shipsets for a total of (9) units of what is called the "Combi-Cooler" for a large Caterpillar dealer located in Florida. The Combi-Cooler uses one common frame for two separate cooling duties. This application was for cooling the Aftercooler section 1st and then the Jacket Water section using a common stream of Seawater. The M10-MFG Combi-Cooler for this application employs Titanium plates for optimum corrosion resistance.