Back-Flushing Lube Oil Filters

Back-Flushing Lube Oil Filters

The Alfa Laval automatic lube oil filter (formerly called the Moatti Filter) is designed to operate for an average of two years, or 12,000 hours, between services. Continuous back-flushing ensures constant pressure and long intervals between inspections.

Alfa Laval automatic filters offer considerable man-hour savings due to their high level of reliability and the fact that they require virtually no supervision.

The Alfa Laval automatic filter is continuously back-flushed with clean oil, column-by-column, ensuring constant pressure in the lube oil system. There are no pressure drops during back-flushing. Contaminants are effectively flushed away from the mesh which stays clean for thousands of operating hours. Manual cleaning is reduced to an absolute minimum.



Combined cleaning unit for lube oil treatment.