Founded in 1981, by Albert Goble Jr.; Separation Equipment Company (SECO) commenced business as one of the few full-service authorized Alfa Laval distributors in the nation. The aforementioned Goble, started SECO after providing sales and service to Alfa Laval customers while under their employ for 25 years. The fledgling company; staked in customer service continued to grow adding sales and service personnel to cover the Alfa Laval applications in Citrus, Dairy, Brewery, Marine, Power, Pulp & Paper, Fish & Meat, Industrial Fluids as well as emerging industries. Customers grew to know and expect solutions and immediate personal response from SECO with an added human element even in today’s electronic world.

SECO has always prided itself as a stocking distributor providing exemplary customer service and listening to the customer, enabling SECO to offer cost-saving solutions. After 31 years of sales and service of Alfa Laval equipment, Separation Equipment Company continues to foster new applications for the Alfa Laval centrifuge via their deep-rooted customer relations. Large enough to procure the capital equipment; yet small enough to tailor custom skids for the one-off application – SECO is there.

Goble has always been heard to say; “if we don’t stock it; we can’t sell it”. That’s a tough statement to debate. Today, the company is expanding it’s warehouse by 50% to stock more of the hard to find Alfa Laval parts that customers need and expect. This new workspace will also allow SECO to expand it’s already implemented Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) component building program. This program allows SECO to respond to PHE request in usually a week’s time. The company has been doing so since 2005 and will be able to stock more through the expansion.

While Alfa Laval centrifuges continue to be the pinnacle of SECO’s forte, emerging products from Alfa Laval are also supported. Green products such as the CCU automatic back-flushing lube oil filter and the AQUA fresh water generator are staking claim as staples in the marine industry. New Alfa Laval citrus product such as the PX 701 are being implemented and installed in Florida Citrus industries.

Call us today for your need or application questions. Don’t be surprised when a live, knowledgeable person answers with a smile on the other end. We look forward to earning your business.