Nov 24, 2009
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Separation Equipment Company is proud to participate in the quest for viable renewable fuels by providing centrifuges for the tasks at hand. Separation Equipment Company provided Algae centrifuges for concentration of algae prior to extraction...


Fresh Water Generators

The product of decades of research and development, the Alfa Laval freshwater generator concept offers effective solutions to all the problems commonly associated with traditional designs:

  • Low scaling rate and high reliability mean very little maintenance
  • High-grade materials make coating repairs a thing of the past
  • Titanium plates in the heat exchangers and extensive use of non-ferrous materials prevent corrosion of vital parts
  • Compact, lightweight design fits easily into engine rooms where space is at a premium

Alfa Laval freshwater generators utilize the waste heat generated by the main engine and/or the auxiliary engine as a heat source for the distillation process.

The range of Alfa Laval Plate Type Freshwater Generators covers capacities from 0.5 to 115 m3 fresh water per 24 hours with a guaranteed maximum salinity of 2.0 ppm.

  • 1. Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator
  • 2. Diesel Engine
  • 3. Jacket water circulation pump
  • 4. Thermostatic valve (too low temp. control)
  • 5. Thermostatic valve (too high temp. control)
  • 6. Jacket water cooler
  • 7. Ejector/cooling water pump
  • 8. Fresh water pump
  • 9. Booster heater, optional
  • 10. Hot water circulation pump, optional
  • 11. Manual bypass valve
  • 12. Fresh water storage tank