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Apr 22, 2009
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Separation Equipment Company has been selling the Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger since it's inception in 1981. Starting in 2005, SECO has been building the Alfa Laval models M3-FG, M6-FG, M6-MFG, M10-BFG & M10-MFG at their Tampa facility. This...


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SECO now builds select Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers IN-HOUSE, for quick delivery, custom-built for flow rates up to 1000 gallons per minute. These are Genuine Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger sizes, M3, M6 & M10.

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Reconditioned Equipment
We pride ourselves on our reconditioning process. Each machine reconditioned at SECO goes through our 17 step reconditioning process.

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SECO is a genuinely full-service company, offering customers a complete range of preventative maintenance, repair and replacement of individual parts and complete units. For spare parts quote, please email

At SECO we don't just sell what we have in stock, we create solutions for your individual problems.